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Zepher Audio is the UK & Irish distributor of Taga Harmony, Advance Acoustic, Advance Paris, YBA, Titan Audio.

Zepher Audio was formed in 2012 with the intention of bringing some of the newest and most innovative brands to the UK market. Some products, such as YBA had been available in the UK in the past, and we felt they deserved & needed to be available again. Since the introduction, we have seen the YBA brand grow across the UK & Ireland, leaving people scratching their heads as to why this great brand ever left in the first place. With designer Yves-Bernard André back at the helm, the YBA brand is growing continually and all the past issues are nowhere to be seen.

Our latest brand, Titan Audio started its life tackling the heavily debated market of mains cables, and we think its fair to say Titan Audio have silenced the critics. With a comprehensive range of mains cables, Titan Audio has shown the difference a high quality mains cable can make to any Hi Fi system, offering cables from £75 - £2,500. Throughout the years Titan Audio has refined & enhanced their cables, introducing new technologies and materials, always progressing with everything they do. Recently they have moved into new cable technologies, adding speaker cables to their range. The range of Nemesis speaker cables really are taking the market by storm, creating a mean competitor to cables at a higher price range. Titan Audio are now beginning to solidify themselves in the Hi Fi Market. Titan Audio also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on their cables, further proof to the commitment and the confidence that Titan Audio show in their products.


Advance Acoustics / Advance Paris are a French company with an extensive range of products, including loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD Players, Bluetooth modules and Cables. Advance Acoustic products focus on the lower to mid range of Hi FI systems. These products are perfect for someone who is simply buying their first system, as the Advance Acoustics range offers the capability to upgrade all aspects of your system. With a range of products that suit the traditional Hi Fi customer, with CD and standard amplification, Advance Acoustic also can offer products to those customers who wish to move into the newer field of computer audio & Bluetooth. One of the nice features which you get with Advance Acoustics is the capability to buy products that have the option of both. With many of their products also incorporating Bluetooth and computer audio inputs, it allows customers to dabble in the newer technologies, without the need to re-adjust or over complicate your system. With their new range of Bluetooth modules, Advance Acoustics give customers the opportunity to add the capability of bluetooth to their systems at a later date, without breaking your wallet. Advance Paris was designed to appeal to those in the higher end of the market.


Advance Paris offers both electronics and loudspeakers, and with the introduction of the XL-1000 loudspeakers, (£18,000) they have now firmly shown their intentions to be one of the most serious brands in the world. With continued success at this end of the market, Advance Paris are now showing that they not only have the ability to produce world class products, but also can compete with the most exotic brands.


Taga Harmony, although not as well known in the UK, are one of Europe's largest manufacturers, hosting an extensive range of products including loudspeakers, amplifiers, DAC's, headphone amps, cables, and many more products. Taga Harmony products punch well above their price range, with fantastic build quality, beautiful finishing, in many cases with gloss finishes, Taga Harmony products are absolutely one of the best priced products on the market. Taga Harmony are also have a great product range for someone who wants to buy their first system, while also having a huge range of upgrades available. Taga Harmony's range of cables also beautifully accompany their products, and again come in at a very competitive price. Taga Harmony also have a great range of Home Cinema Products, with full 5.0 systems/5.1 systems, while also having separates including subwoofers, Center Speakers, Floor standers and and rear speakers so you can add to your system / upgrade your system at any time. Taga Harmony also have a range of Home installation products, including Ceiling Speakers, In Wall speakers, in wall Subwoofers, and reels of cable so our perfect for anyone building / renovating their home.